The PCRN Difference

Clinical research has the power to improve lives.

PCRN has 11 clinical trial sites across New Zealand

At PCRN we understand the positive impact quality clinical research has on the lives of patients and their families.

Our experienced team is committed to conducting world-class clinical trials across a wide range of therapeutic areas to enhance the health and wellbeing of our diverse population.

As New Zealand’s leading private clinical research company, we offer a streamlined, integrated nationwide partner network of twelve private clinical research trial sites across New Zealand.

Located throughout New Zealand, our network partners provide New Zealanders who live in urban and regional areas increased access to clinical trials.

Our centralised approach improves efficiency, reduces cost and risk, and increases quality to achieve greater levels of study success for sponsors and CRO’s

Clinical Trials in NZ

A diverse population combined with world-class researchers, high-quality infrastructure, streamlined regulatory and ethical approval processes and supportive governments makes New Zealand a highly regarded location to conduct clinical research studies.

New Zealand offers:

  • Diverse participant population within an accessible geographical region
  • Efficient ethics and regulatory process
  • Thriving innovation ecosystem supported by world-leading research and development talent and infrastructure
  • Seasonal differences which allow sponsors and CRO’s to operate seasonal dependent studies to be conducted year round
  • Research & Development tax incentives which can reduce the overall cost of conducting a trial. 

PCRN has an extensive experience in both primary health care and specialist trials.

PCRN has access to a large, diverse range of clinical trial participants throughout New Zealand.

PCRN provides the support and infrastructure required to ensure recruitment targets are met and quality data is delivered across multiple PCRN sites.

Our Story

The PCRN NZ story is a simple one of collaboration and a vision to shape the future of clinical research in New Zealand.

PCRN Ltd was established in October 2021 following the consolidation of Lakeland Clinical Trials Group and Southern Clinical Trials Group which brings together 36 combined years of clinical trial experience across the two businesses.

The consolidation of the two research teams brings together the leadership of Mike and Philippa Williams from Lakeland Clinical Trials Group and Julia Mathieson and Simon Carson from Southern Clinical Trials Group who have worked collaboratively on over 50 clinical trials since meeting each other at an investigator meeting in 2011.

PCRN Ltd also partners with Matt Clacy of Paratus Clinical to deliver clinical trials across four private sites in Australia.

Network Partner Model

PCRN’s network partner model solution revolutionises how clinical research studies are conducted and places patients at the heart of every study.

Integrating clinical research with primary and specialist healthcare combines research with patient care and enables healthcare providers the  personal satisfaction to participate in clinical trials to advance research.

Located throughout New Zealand, our network partner clinics have dedicated recruitment specialists and clinical investigators with strong community outreach, a focus on safety and wellbeing and large, diverse participant databases to achieve fast and effective study recruitment.

PCRN works closely with all our network partners to help them navigate the complexities of patient recruitment and provide the right trial methodology, systems and processes to achieve a more successful experience for both the sites and the patients.

“Our focus is to bring more clinical trials to New Zealand to help more patients access clinical research, no matter where they live”

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