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Pacific Clinical Research Network (PCRN) aligns three of Australia and New Zealand’s market-leading, privately owned, dedicated research site organizations. (Lakeland Clinical Trials Group, Paratus Clinical, and Southern Clinical Trials Group) PCRN is pleased to share a three-part series highlighting our site network and each of its unique capabilities. Let’s learn more about Lakeland Clinical Trials’ capabilities and successful trial recruitment.

Get to Know Lakeland Clinical Trials Group

Lakeland Clinical Trials Group takes pride in serving New Zealand at three locations: Lakeland Clinical Trials Rotorua, Culloden Research, and Lakeland Clinical Trials Waikato. Lakeland sites continue to be among the highest study recruiters in the New Zealand and Asia Pacific Region.

Lakeland Clinical Trials Group has also recently added two new sites to their network: Anteris Clinical Research based in Tauranga and Lakeland Clinical Trials Wellington based in Upper Hutt.

Efficient recruitment forms the basis of a successful business in clinical trials. Lakeland Clinical Trials has the resources to make your trial recruitment a success.

•          Access to extensive general practice database

•          Advanced marketing tactics

•          Quick and efficient start-up process

•          Recruitment strategies that accomplish results

•          Single budget negotiation

Meet Dr. Michael Williams

Dr. Michael Williams is an owner and Principal Investigator with Lakeland Clinical Trials. He takes pride in meeting patients and developing strong relationships in the community. His passion is for Primary Care and Clinical Research, and he has successfully shown how these can be integrated to form a research business.

Meet Philippa Williams

Philippa Williams is the Owner Study Manager with vast experience managing people, contracts, administration, and project management within the healthcare industry. She takes a hands-on role ensuring administration compliance, patient communication, advisory functions, and quality assurance requirements meet a high standard.

Philippa’s favorite quote is from the Disney Pixar move Meet the Robinson’s “keep moving forward” – this has been particularly pertinent in the time of Covid-19 pandemic.

Partner with Lakeland Clinical Trials Group

Learn more about partnering with Lakeland Clinical Trials Group, a private research network highly effective at recruiting patients. Aligning with Lakeland sites can help streamline the start-up process with a single budget negotiation. We believe that private clinical research facilities owned and operated by Primary Care Physicians make the best research sites in New Zealand.

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