Interview with an Investigator: Dr. Tina Ledingham

The Pacific Clinical Research Network aligns three of Australia and New Zealand’s market-leading, privately-owned clinical research site organisations under one defining purpose: provide experience, dedication, and commitment to clinical research. PCRN consistently delivers on this promise by enlisting employees who individually demonstrate experience, dedication, and commitment.

Meet Dr. Tina Ledingham, an investigator in Lakeland’s Hamilton location, and learn a bit about her and how she delivers on the PCRN difference.

How did you get started in clinical research? How did you get started with Lakeland? Lakeland Clinical Trials Waikato started in 2019 as an offshoot of Avalon Medical Centre, where I work. (Recruited from there)

 What trials are you working on right now?

  • Covid vaccine
  • RSV treatment
  • Cholesterol treatment
  • Adult flu vaccine
  • Asthma treatment
  • Flu-like illness treatment.

What’s your favorite trial that you’ve ever worked on?

Weight loss for diabetics – it was during level 4 lockdown, but in NZ we were still able to have in-person consults. It was a surreal time but a really enjoyable trial.

 What do clinical research studies mean to you?

Contributing to the search for answers. Seeing what is possible out there that is on the verge of reality to all.

What current events in the industry interest you right now?

Covid vaccine trials – and other existing medications that are currently used for other treatments that may be helpful.

 What do you like best about working as part of a large site network?

Support from others’ past experiences as I am a relatively new Investigator. Knowing there are others that have gone before me and having that mentorship is great.

What would you say to a sponsor considering this site location? What sets your site location and the network apart from others?

We are the only research facility based in primary care in Hamilton. We are attached to a large GP practice database and have great recruitment history and relationships with our subjects. That helps greatly with retention.

PCRN could not deliver the PCRN difference of experience, dedication, and commitment without exceptional investigators like Tina. Stay tuned for features on more of our amazing staff at more of our 16 site locations. Learn more about PCRN today.