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Mike and Philippa Williams established Lakeland Clinical Trials Rotorua in 2010 following their experience of clinical trials within Primary Care from 2002. We were one of the first GP based clinical trial units in New Zealand.

Since this time our research capacity and requirements have continued to grow. We opened an independent facility in January 2010 and continued to expand. Lakeland Clinical Trials Rotorua has now moved into its own bespoke building at the start of 2019.

Efficient recruitment forms the basis of a successful business in clinical trials. Lakeland Clinical Trials is a private research facility highly effective at recruiting patients from a small local population of only 73000 people yet outperforms most larger sites in major cities both locally and overseas.

We have proven that sites associated with or attached to primary care facilities make the best clinical research sites in New Zealand and now this model has been extended to the formation of LCTGroup.

For more information: www.lakelandtrials.com

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