Our Team

Stemming from one vision, our team is made up of a diverse group of doctors and medical professionals with a combined 36 years of experience. Our team is dedicated to improving and enhancing the health and well-being of our diverse population. 

Meet Our Professionals

Rosie Mckellar


Dr Michael Williams

Medical Director

Julia Howell

Strategic Advisor

Philippa Williams

Strategic Advisor

Jaimee Hart

Chief Financial Officer

Laura Carson

Executive Assistant

Paul Hamilton

Clinical Director - Early Phase

Kat Jackson

Operations Manager

Kim Huljich

Ethics Administrator

Chloe Roberts

Data Entry Research Assistant

Jan Gaskin

Quality Manager

Ashleigh Williams

Accounts Administrator

Keziah Downes

Reasearch Recruitment Lead

Angela Chelet

Clinical Quality Associate


Our Approach

Our process is participant forward. We focus on the safety and needs of our participants to ensure their health, well-being and enjoyment of a clinical trial. After participants register their interest online, our friendly team will contact them for a pre-screen. This is where we’ll discuss eligibility. If eligible, participants are screened with a doctor to discuss the trial. Participants then participate in a clinical trial at one of our Network clinics. Once the clinical trial is completed, participants are compensated fairly for their time and effort.


Our Site Locations

Find a clinical research site that is closest to you. Our research sites are spread across New Zealand, each with state-of-the-art facilities. Research sites have Wi-Fi, work pods, a dedicated participant kitchen and recreational facilities. Sites are monitored 24/7 by professional healthcare providers to ensure participants feel supported throughout their entire journey with PCRN.