PCRN Welcomes 3 New Facilities


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PCRN Welcomes 3 New Facilities

Pacific Clinical Research Network is thrilled to welcome 3 new facilities to its Lakeland Clinical Trials Group, expanding the network’s total clinical trial locations to 16. The new facilities include Lakeland Clinical Trials Wellington, Anteris Clinical Research and Department of Medicine Trust Lakes DHB.

Lakeland Clinical Trials Wellington, based at the Upper Hutt Health Centre, provides access to the wider Wellington region. Significantly enhancing the network’s coverage, the site has access to a major New Zealand population centre and services over 17,000 patients within the accompanying GP’s database.

Partnership between LCTG and Anteris Limited

Anteris Clinical Research, a JV partnership between LCTG and Anteris Limited, was formed in response to a referral from Douglas Pharmaceuticals, who recommended a relationship with LCTG to facilitate the BEDROC phase II trial for patients with treatment-resistant depression. Though established for mental health studies, ACR will host clinical trials for a variety of healthcare specialties. 

Lakes DHB Partnership

The recent agreement with the Department of Medicine Trust Lakes DHB establishes Lakeland Clinical Trial Group’s first site within a public hospital. The Department of Medicine Trust is a charitable trust run within the Lakes DHB based at Rotorua Hospital. This new facility will facilitate staff and facility sharing, allowing Lakeland to perform a wider range of studies, including inpatient and oncology studies. The Department of Medicine Trust Lakes DHB not only provides LCTG with the potential to recruit from hospital databases but also with a template for engaging with DHBs throughout New Zealand. 

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These new facilities help PCRN provide sponsors with an even wider network of locations to conduct multi-site clinical trials, larger populations, and better access to hospital databases and staff sharing. PCRN looks forward to a bright future with their growing network. Learn more about partnering with PCRN today.