Type 2 Diabetes & Kidney Function Trials

At PCRN, we’re at the forefront of groundbreaking research. We’re currently seeking individuals between the ages of 18 and 85 with stable type 2 diabetes who want to be part of a clinical trial focused on discovering a potential treatment for diabetic kidney issues. Your participation could be the key to improving countless lives. 


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Requirements At a Glance

What Is the Study?

PCRN is actively enrolling patients into a clinical trial aimed at investigating a treatment for type 2 diabetics and their kidney function. Qualified participants will have the opportunity to receive SER150 (investigational product) or a placebo to advance our understanding of kidney health in type 2 diabetes.

What Is Clinical Research?

Clinical research is the process of developing potential treatments for diseases. Medicines must pass through clinical trials to ensure their safety and effectiveness.

Trial Information

Do You Qualify For The Trial?

What You Need To Know

What To Expect From Us

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If you meet these criteria and are passionate about contributing to medical advancements, join our clinical trial today. Your involvement might lead to transformative breakthroughs in treating diabetic kidney function. Don’t miss this chance to make a real impact on the future of healthcare.

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