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Is Gout Disrupting Your Life? Certain treatments may elevate the risk of gout flares. Participate in the EURELIA 2 Study to explore a new treatment that could potentially lower uric acid levels and reduce gout flare-ups. Plus, we’ll cover your travel and parking expenses for study visits.


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If you qualify, use the link below to sign up and help improve the future of healthcare.

Requirements At a Glance

What Is The EURELIA 2 Study?

Some existing gout treatments can increase the chances of you experiencing a gout flare-up. The EURELIA 2 Study will investigate a potential new treatment which may reduce uric acid levels and flare-ups in people with gout.

What Is Clinical Research?

Clinical research is the process of developing potential treatments for diseases. Medicines must pass through clinical trials to ensure their safety and effectiveness.

Trial Information

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Volunteer For the EURELIA 2 Study. We’re actively seeking individuals interested in advancing gout research in New Zealand. Join us to contribute to advancing gout management and improving the quality of people’s lives. If you qualify, please sign up for for the study below.

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