Top Performing Trials

SCT Christchurch has extensive experience in vaccine studies for global pharmaceutical companies. The highest recruiting study spanned two years. In year one we had a target of 50 and randomised 379 patients and in year two 624 from a target of 500.  758% and 124% over target

We also participated in a pivotal trial to establish the safety and tolerability of a cell culture-derived inactivated influenza vaccine in the paediatric age group. This study recruited 100% to target and Dr Carson was cited as a co-author on the resulting publication:

Safety and tolerability of a cell culture derived trivalent subunit inactivated influenza vaccine administered to healthy children and adolescents: A Phase III, randomized, multicenter, observer-blind study. Vaccine. 2016 Jan 4; 34(2):230-236. doi: 10.1016/j.vaccine. 2015.11.040. Epub 2015 Nov 29.

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Phase 2 Study for RTI Prevention

PCRN network sites participated in a phase 2 study for a US Biotech firm in 2019. The study was looking at RTI prevention and had to recruit rapidly over a 10-week period. The study was run in Australia and New Zealand and PCRN sites comprised 9 out of the 21 sites involved. 

PCRN sites recruitment exceeded target and 3 of the top 4 recruiting sites were part of the PCRN network.

Retention rate 99%

430% over target

Patient Enrolments