Lakeland Clinical Trials Waikato

Lakeland Clinical Trials Waikato (LCTW) is one of the largest clinical trial facilities in the LCT Group.

Dr Hemi the owner of LCTW has built, with consultation from LCTG, a brand new community based clinical research facility that is located within Avalon Heath in Hamilton. This multidisciplinary health hub contains Dr Hemi’s 12,000 patient general practice as well as dentistry, podiatry, Skin specialty, travel medicine, midwifery, pharmacy and radiology services.

With their first clinical trial in 2019 they were able to become the 2nd highest recruiter in the PCRN network and we look forward to them becoming a major contributor to the success of the entire LCT Group.

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Our Team

Lakeland Clinical Trials Waikato
Dr Tiwini Hemi
Owner and Principal investigator
Janice Philips
Study Coordinator
Dr Victoria Siriett