Gout Clinical Trials – Christchurch

Gout Clinical Trials Is Gout Disrupting Your Life? Certain treatments may elevate the risk of gout flares. Participate in the EURELIA 2 Study to explore a new treatment that could potentially lower uric acid levels and reduce gout flare-ups. Plus, we’ll cover your travel and parking expenses for study visits. Contents Join Our Trial Today […]

Urinary Tract Infection Trial – Christchurch

Urinary Tract Infection Trials Join our clinical trial and contribute to the search for effective ways to prevent bloodstream infections. If you’re 60 years of age or older and have a history of urinary tract infections, you can make a difference in advancing medical knowledge and improving healthcare. Contents Join our clinical trial today Your […]


SYNCHRONIZE-CVOT Obesity Trial Are you interested in living a healthier life and preventing other health conditions from occuring or getting worse? The SYNCHRONIZE-CVOT Trial is testing an investigational medication to see whether it is safe and if it has any effect on the heart, blood vessels, and/or body weight. Contents Join Our Trial Today If […]