The Power of Vaccine Clinical Trials

COVID-19 has shed light on the power of vaccine clinical trials. As the world battles a global pandemic, vaccine discussion is front and center in our daily lives. An estimated 410 million people have been vaccinated for COVID-19 worldwide, with the number multiplying each day.

There has been significant headway with COVID-19 vaccine development. Thus, research on the safety and effectiveness of these vaccines is critical. We’ve continued to see new variations of COVID coming from the UK and Brazil. So, pharma companies will almost certainly continue to evaluate variations of vaccines. Also, if booster shots may be needed.

How PCRN Is Helping Move Vaccine Development Forward

Despite the challenges over the past year, Pacific Clinical Research Network (PCRN) is moving forward in a post-COVID-19 world. Our network of research sites have played an important role in vaccine development worldwide. They continue this critical work alongside our pharmaceutical and CRO partners. Our sixteen site locations across Australia and New Zealand can conduct large-scale vaccine trials with sizeable capacity. This allows for the recruitment of hundreds of interested participants from our extensive databases. We can meet your study timelines for seasonal and non-seasonal vaccine studies including COVID-19.

Our sites ability to execute on vaccine trials more efficiently and more affordably to ensure faster outcomes has been a substantial benefit for our partners. 

Partner with Pacific Clinical Research

Pacific Clinical Research Network (PCRN) has extensive experience in vaccine studies for global pharmaceutical companies. The highest recruiting study spanned two years. In year one, PCRN had a target of 50 and randomized 379 patients. In year two, PCRN randomized 624 from a target of 500. That is 758% and 124% over target.

Take the next step! Engage with PCRN through centralized contacts for feasibility, contracting and start-up bringing maximum time efficiency for you when highly time-constrained. Each site sits in different geographical areas for maximizing recruitment potential. All sites use the same Electronic Medical systems (RealTimeTM CTMS), electronic source documentation, and SOPs (country-specific variation accepted).

Contact PCRN today to find out how we can help with your next trial.