Trial Highlights

A clinical trial is discovering whether a medicine is safe and effective for a particular disease or medical condition. We conduct a range of trials across many therapeutic areas aimed at advancing medical knowledge, improving treatments, and enhancing the lives of individuals affected by various health conditions. Explore our trial highlights below to learn more about our ongoing efforts in shaping the future of healthcare.

Recent trial highlights

Delivering excellence in clinical research, we take pride in our recent trial successes, showcasing a track record of efficiency and dedication. Our team consistently achieves high-quality and meaningful data. Discover our recent trial highlights, reflecting our commitment to innovation, safety, and advancing healthcare outcomes.

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Patient retention

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Or above recruitment on all completed trials to date

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Recruitment in our Endometriosis trial

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Recruitment in our Type 2 Diabetes trial


Total participants across our network in our Covid Vaccine Trial

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Over recruitment target in our Covid Vaccine Trial

Recruitment Approach

PCRN has developed a comprehensive support and infrastructure framework to ensure recruitment targets are met and quality data is delivered. PCRN’s systems and processes are robustly designed and regularly reviewed to deliver consistently excellent results.

Our dedicated recruitment team is supported by an award-winning marketing agency, ensuring our advertising assets are of a high quality and are delivered to a wide audience to maximise our participant potential. Our in house recruitment team will ensure that the recruitment process is streamlined to ensure recruitment targets are met, within the required timeline. The team maintain an adaptable and flexible approach to ensure the goals are achieved. PCRN will provide regular reporting, via our Clinical Trial Management Software, to allow the client to accurately track all recruitment effort.

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