Our story is a simple one of friendship, collaboration, and a vision for the future of clinical research. PCRN is committed to helping pharmaceutical and biotech companies and CRO’s undertake patient driven trials to deliver solutions to the worlds disease burden. With experience in running clinical trials since 2002, we understand the positive impact quality clinical research has on the lives of patients and their families.

How we work

Our Approach

Our process is participant forward. We focus on the safety and needs of our participants to ensure their health, well-being and enjoyment of a clinical trial. As New Zealand’s leading private clinical research company, PCRN offers a streamlined, integrated nationwide partner network of twelve private clinical research trial sites across New Zealand. With our extensive database and centralised approach, we improve efficiency, reduce cost and risk, and increase quality to achieve greater study success.

Experience the PCRN difference

Working With Us

With our wealth of experience in the industry, we understand and value our CROs and sponsors. Our team works in harmony with our CROs and sponsors to ensure they have all the relevant information they need. Our centralised approach and integrated nationwide network of eleven private clinical research trial sites in New Zealand and access to four Australian based sites brings together the right expertise, technology, processes, and systems to overcome the challenges of implementing high-quality, timely and successful clinical studies.

Our PCRN team has extensive experience across a broad range of primary healthcare and specialist therapeutic areas. All our network partners have strong community outreach, a focus on safety and wellbeing and large, diverse participant databases to achieve fast and effective study recruitment. PCRN works closely with all our network partners to help them navigate the complexities of patient recruitment and provide the right trial methodology, systems, and processes to achieve a more successful experience for both the sites and the patients.

The Benefits

Why choose us

Trusted & Experienced

We’re a trusted clinical research company that has been conducting safe, ethical trials and producing high-quality data since 2002.


Expertise & Knowledge

Experience in both primary healthcare and specialist trials across a wide range of therapeutic areas, offering access to expertise and knowledge in diverse medical fields.

Location & Network

Our trial sites across NZ provides access to diverse participant populations, efficient ethics and regulatory processes, seasonal differences for conducting studies year-round, and a robust healthcare system. 


We use cutting-edge technology such as CTMS with eSource, eDocs and data monitoring portal. ESource, allows for real-time data capture similar to electronic health records, and enables remote monitoring.

Patient Centric

We value patient well-being and have responsive and caring staff, ensuring that participants receive compassionate care throughout their trial journey. We have the data to support this with an impressive 99% average study retention rate. 

Efficient Processes

Efficient ethics and regulatory approval processes, rapid participant recruitment, fast delivery of high-quality, meaningful data, and one centralised contract and budget negotiation, reducing study startup times.

We’re proud to work with

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Why Choose NZ

Operating in New Zealand provides unique advantages. The accessible geographical region offers distinct seasonal differences, facilitating year-round studies. With a robust healthcare system and a strong research culture, New Zealand is an excellent location for conducting high-quality studies. The diverse population in New Zealand, ranging in age, background, and ethnicity ensures that research findings can be widely applicable. The varying climates across the country impact participants’ immune systems differently, enhancing the scope of research. New Zealand’s highly advanced healthcare standards contribute to the overall quality and success of clinical research endeavors.



In the world for attracting foreign investment


Global Opportunity Index, Milken Institute, 2021


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The Treasury New Zealand, 2019


Out of 77 countries for least complexity of doing business


Complexity Index, TMF Group, 2021


Top 3% of globally placed universities


QS World university Rankings, 2021

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